Vintage refers to any item that is 20+ years old. Nostalcart spends extensive time verifying the age of items with almost 100% accuracy in bringing you product dates. You may find items with signs of wear and fading, but don't be surprised if some appear brand new (deadstock). Even if items present signs of aging or/and wearing, it doesn't necessarily imply harm to the product - it may enhance the original aesthetic, giving it a unique look.

Retro refers to any item that is 10+ years old. A little harder to find signs of wear and fading, but given that most items have had previous owners, you may occasionally find some. 

Please note that Nostalcart does its best to show and elaborate on any vintage wearing or fading found on products as well as clean, process, and restore items (not all).

Single stitching refers to the mode of construction in vintage t-shirts. Specifically, it refers to the finishing on the cuff, hem, and shoulder of the t-shirt, where a single line of stitching secures the fabric edge. It holds the thread in place even when you snag it or something happens to the hem. The newer, quicker double stitch does not do this and can unravel the entire way if it's damaged. The single stitch mimics the most durable of all stitches, the backstitch.

Nostalcart proudly hand-picks every item sold. We source our clothing from a variety of sources, but most importantly: nothing is bulk sourced. Our policy is simple: would we wear it? And would our customers like it? If any of the answers is a simple "no", the item doesn't go on the store.

Items are priced depending on a combination of factors. Condition, sizing, rarity, meaning, cleaning efforts, and market price are the most important factors considered when pricing items. Most higher priced items are harder to find or more expensive to acquire. 

Don't worry, not everything is higher priced. Prices start at $25. Affordable options can be found across all categories.

Absolutely! Nostalcart is all about providing unique and timeless clothing to new owners. 

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Nostalcart provides measurements and fabric information with each listing to ensure you'll have no fitting doubts when buying.

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Yes we do! We offer shipping worldwide. Express shipping options are only available to U.S. and Canada and depend on location. Shipping times vary between 3 to 24 days depending on your location.

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Email confirmations are sent after purchases are complete. Shipping takes place the following business day - as soon as your order is shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you. Sometimes, the email might be miscategorized in the spam or junk folder.

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We take one business day (sometimes two) to process your order. Shipping times vary between 3 to 24 days depending on your location. In the meantime, you can track your order with the tracking number emailed following shipment completion.

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Please contact Nostalcart immediately (Contact Page) and we'll try to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. If the mistake is made right after completing a purchase, we'll go ahead and change the address. If the package has already been shipped, we'll do our best to reroute the package to the correct address, but unfortunately cannot provide any guarantees.

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