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Don’t Worry Be Happy Jerzees 90s Vintage Unisex Cottagecore Animal Nature Vacation Crewneck

Don’t Worry Be Happy Jerzees 90s Vintage Unisex Cottagecore Animal Nature Vacation Crewneck

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Label size: Small
Recommended size:
How it fits:
Pit to pit: 18.5”
Shoulder to bottom: 24”
Flaws: Photos show marks if any
Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
Colour: White

Welcome to our vintage treasure chest! Here, we find old and beautiful things that tell stories from the past. When you choose a vintage item, you're picking a special piece that is different from everything else.

Why Pick Vintage?

Unique: Every vintage piece is one-of-a-kind. That means no one else will have the same thing as you!
Good for Earth: Choosing vintage is like recycling. It helps our planet by using less new stuff.
Strong and Pretty: Old things were made to last. They're strong and look good too!
What to Expect?

A Little Worn: Vintage means it's been loved before, so it might show some signs of being worn. But that's what makes it special!
Lots of Styles: You'll find all sorts of things from different times. There's something for everyone!
Care: We need to take good care of vintage items. They're old, so we treat them gently.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I see more pictures? Sure! If you want to see more, just ask us. We're happy to show you.

What if it doesn't fit? Check our size and measurement guide before buying. Vintage sizes can be different from today's sizes.

How do I take care of it? We'll give you tips on how to keep your vintage find looking great.

Choosing vintage is fun! You get to wear history, help the Earth, and have something no one else does. Plus, you're getting something strong and beautiful. Dive into our collection and find your very own vintage treasure today!
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